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Olympians head to Burghley

The season is far from over for many of the returning Olympic riders as they [...]

peterpoloequestrian August 29, 2008

WCE: Martinvast

Cedric Lyard, a member of France’s 2004 Olympic gold medal team, maintained his country’s record [...]

peterpoloequestrian August 28, 2008

Olympics: B Samples test positive

The FEI has received confirmation that the B samples for the four cases involving the [...]

peterpoloequestrian August 28, 2008

CEI*** Pahang – Penn Endurance Challenge

Please click on the link provided to download a PDF file with detailed results of [...]

peterpoloequestrian August 25, 2008

La Sarita stuns Ranhill to win Malaysian Open Polo

Ranhill Polo were the favourites for this final as they were lying second in the [...]

peterpoloequestrian August 23, 2008

Doping Cases at the Olympics

The following four combinations did not compete in the Jumping individual final competition held Thursday, [...]

peterpoloequestrian August 22, 2008

Dato’ Setia Diraja Kedah Award for Malik Jeremiah

Malik Jeremiah recieved the above award in recognition of his 20 years service to the [...]

peterpoloequestrian July 23, 2008

WEC hits the streets in style

Malaysia’s FIP World Endurance Championships hit the streets in style with a 48 horse parade through the [...]

peterpoloequestrian July 13, 2008

Helena goes mad and wins Premier Cup World Cup 2

South East Asian World Cup League leader Helena Gabrielsson got angry with herself for going [...]

peterpoloequestrian July 13, 2008

Qabil thrills with Parvina

Qabil Ambak celebrated the return of his favourite horse Parvina with a slashing win in [...]

peterpoloequestrian July 13, 2008