Having shifted the first game of the RSPC Tempawan Cup to Friday, we decided to take no chances and played in the morning.  Good thing too, as it is raining now as I write this on Friday afternoon.  Malaysia were very good and beat us “comprehensively” as I posted in Facebook.  The 10 – 5 final score was in fact quite flattering to us.  Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

flooded fieldThe monsoon season seems to be on extension.  It is almost May, yet we have hardly played polo this season in Kuala Lumpur.   The Royal Selangor Polo Club took the opportunity to play on Monday morning, being a public holiday.  I couldn’t play, but was happy enough to sign up for chukkas yesterday afternoon. Continue reading

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Club Chukkas

la sarita masters 2017 winnersIt was a pity the final of the RMPA Polo Masters presented by Maserati was rained off.  La Sarita had won both our matches very easily, with scoring 15 goals and having only two scored against us.  Yup, we had fun.  Just as quickly, the fun was over.  There are no more tournaments on the horizon.  Continue reading

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The Bleck Boys Are Back In Town

sea_sing_831.jpgPlaying yesterday with La Sarita’s Asad and Iqbal Jumabhoy in the 2017 RMPA Polo Masters presented by Maserati brought back memories of when we used to play together in teams for the Singapore Polo Club, SAF Polo Team, Rebels and for Singapore in the 1983 SEA Games.  That’s us in 1983, from left to right: Asad Jumabhoy, Rafique Jumabhoy, myself and Iqbal Jumabhoy. Continue reading

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Boxed In

Getting away to Manila to course design was a welcome break from the polotics that took a sudden Olympic surge last week. It was a reminder to me that the race is on and the runners are jostling for position.  As we start the turn for home in the run to the SEA Games, there is quite some jockeying for positions along the running rail. Continue reading

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CDing in Manila

In promoting Zack’s Tack in the Manila Polo Club, we have ended up sponsoring my services as the course designer for the Manila Polo Club’s Annual Horse Show this weekend.  Not usually how I get my shows as a course designer, but it seems to work for the club and Zack’s Tack. Continue reading

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Don’t Be Conned

A track rider cantered past me while I was riding around the track at the Royal Selangor Polo Club this morning.  His polo pony was bitted with a pelham, with only the curb (bottom) rein attached.  The track rider started to post (rise) to the canter.  As he rose, he inadvertently used his hand to assist him out of the saddle.  Being on the curb, it had a powerful effect on the poor horse’s mouth, and it slammed on the brakes.  The rider ended up tipping onto the neck of the horse.  He lost his temper with the horse and gave it a good kick to get it going again. Continue reading

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Playing the World Patron Championship in Thailand last week was the only polo I’ve played in the last five weeks. They named two MVP’s, one from each team.  Even though they had me as a Patron +9, I was honoured to be named MVP of the Hanuman team. Continue reading

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Pedro PlusEight

In appreciation of the 8-goal handicap that the World Patron Championship allotted me, I changed my Facebook profile to my Argentinian name, and added my handicap.  My Facebook name is now Pedro PlusEight Abisheganaden.  Continue reading

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World Patron Championship

Dato’ Mohamed Moiz invited me some time ago to play in the World Patron Championship that he is helming at Thai Polo next weekend. Today, he convinced me to take part. Continue reading

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Vale: Sunny Hale

sunny and peteIt was a shock, a bolt from the blue, to hear that Sunny Hale had passed away.  I saw her just last month, in Thailand.  The Malaysian team was playing at the Thai Open, practicing for the World Cup play-off.  I didn’t know Sunny was going to play a Battle of the Sexes game at Polo Escape, so it was a really pleasant surprise when she breezed into Thai Polo to catch the match.  She rather conspiratorially told me she’d rather watch the match than attend a boring tournament briefing. Continue reading

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In Malaysia’s, the most players of the same handicap are the zeros.  Of 307 registered players, 65 or 25% of all players play off a handicap of 0 goals.  It is also the handicap with the widest range. There are many types of zeros, from the good, the bad to the ugly.  Continue reading

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