Welcome to my Blog-in-the-garden. Much of PoloEquestrian.com is about news and information. It was originally styled as a polo blog, and polo will naturally feature in this blog as that is the equine sport I am most involved in now, as a player, tournament organiser and administrator, technical director and FIP Ambassador. My equine life isn’t limited to polo though. I still enjoy showjumping as a journalist, some-time coach and as an FEI International course designer. Business involves Zack’s Tack saddlery, horse feed, team and horse management, tournament and event management, and designing showjumping fences. And PoloEquestrian.com (and before that Equestrian.Com.My) has been a passion of mine since 1999.  My blog postings reflect this.

You are welcome to make comments, and they don’t always have to be the politically correct ones. If you wish to disagree, please do so. I value discussion and I am always learning from it.  But you will have to register and log-on to be able to comment. Thanks!

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