Air of Anticipation at WEC

I made the trek to Terengganu, driving an easy five hours from Kuala Lumpur.  I made such good time that I had time to check into the Primula Beach Resort where I will be staying at Kuala Terengganu, then drive to the Terengganu International Endurance Park about 40 minutes away at Lembah Bidong.

TIEP looks magnificent.  It is all dressed up with lots of tents and all the advretising boards in place. There is a huge Marquee where all the athletes and officials will have their meals.  I parked by the media centre and found the ESPN guys I had to meet.  I got to see where I will be working for the next few days, another big tent right by the media centre. Lars Wendelken and Daniel Ruppert were outside the media centre, so I went over to say Hi.  They took me into the accreditation room and got my media accreditation done in no time at all.  Easy-peasy.  Great to have friends in high places!  The accreditation process, secertariat and all the offices looked very professional.

Then I had a chance to look around and catch up with some friends.  Zarina Jan was in the media centre. I said Hi, then left her to the thousands of things she looked about to do.  Her brother Abdul Salim was in the Secretariat, as was Wan Alina and a whole bunch of other people we know from running the big shows.

The whole place looks fantastic.  It has been raining some afternoons but today the weather seemed hot and fairly dry, at least while I was there.   All the Malaysians I saw at TIEP were all excited, though some were stressed as they get closer to the big day because they all want it to go so well. There is a real buzz about the place.

Tomorrow I get to see more of the teams, track and stables.  It’s going to be fun!!

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