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In case you can’t get to Lembah Bidong, Terengganu to watch the biggie this weekend, ESPN will be airing 3 hours of it live on Star Sports.  Two hours on Friday evening – the ride flags off at 5:30 pm – and a hour the next morning when we should get part of the 6th and all of the final loop.

It should be great coverage.  ESPN has a team of 30 people here, some since last Friday.  They have a huge set-up of equipment in their own tent, and an on-site studio where the presenters will be and commentator will be.

The rumours are true.  Yes, I will be commentating “live” for ESPN on the World Endurance Championships.  It’s a little different to the fast and furious pace of polo that I’m used to as a commentator, but horses nonetheless.  Make sure you catch it on Star Sports this Friday and Saturday morning if you can’t make it to Terengganu.

Today I went on another tour the the track, this time with the rest of the foreign media gathered here.  Mostly it was to point out where photographers can be stationed along the course.  The beach was one of the most popular shots.  There were a few Argentinean horses in the sea.  Beautiful to see them so relaxed in the water.  They were mostly just standing, some with their heads just above the waves.

The horses may be relaxed but the teams are now started to get really excited.  There is a tension in the air.  Teams have to be decided if countries have more than four horses here.  Some teams have had to drop horses because of injury or even dehydration.  The Germans have had one horse drop out and they have now just the team of four.  Canada has had one horse affected rather severely by the heat.  Norlaily’s horse had a little bruising on her near fore frog, but the horse has been reshod with pads and will be presented for the trot-up tomorrow.

I’ve been talking to the teams and everyone is so complimentary about Malaysia.  The Dutch were astounded that even the Kampung kids were so friendly, without wanting anything in return.  Malaysian hospitality has been a big winner.

So has TIEP.  Every visitor is really complimentary about it.  The claims that it is one of the three best endurance facilities in the world has been challenged by almost everyone I’ve spoken to.  They say it’s not just one of the best three.  They say it is THE BEST.

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