Dust to Dust

EuroPineAshes to Ashes.  That is the stable bedding situation in Kuala Lumpur, at present.  Sawdust is at a premium, because of the high demand from the chipboard industry.  Riding clubs are facing an acute shortage of sawdust for stable bedding.  Finally Malaysia is starting to realise the need to move from sawdust to a more hygenic form of bedding.

Most of the world uses Pine Shavings because of their hypo-allergenic, highly absorbent, fluffy and dust-free qualities.  Malaysia is finally coming around to the fact that our horses may be worth it.  We may spend hundreds of thousands to but the animal, but then we will make the poor thing sleep in a bed of dust that it has to inhale 24/7.

It doesn’t make sense.

Rubber Wood chips are a new product to make an appearance in the market, but while it is not dusty, it has yet to prove itself in absorbency.

Thailand has used rice hulls, but there is the danger of horses eating it.  Rice hulls also move a little too easily, and do not provide the floor cover that is needed, unless there is really a lot of it.

Singapore has imported Pine Shavings for years now.

Then there are the wood pellets that fluff up with water and use, but my experience of them is that you have to rubberize your stable floor first, otherwise your horse still slips through to the concrete.

With clubs unable to provide for member’s needs, more and more are turning to imported Pine Shavings.  They come in compressed 20 kg bags.  Six to eight bags will make up a very nice stable, and the top ups are one per week. That makes it 24 bags per quarter or about 100 bags per year.

Horse owners are starting to get together to share containers as Zack’s Tack sees an increasing trend towards better stable management and animal husbandry in Malaysia.

Material : 100% Pine tree
Size : 3 – 15 mm
Moisture : max 15%
Powder: no dust
Packaging : Compressed into 20 Kgs PE/PP bag.
Shipping: 20 tons in 40 ft HC container

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