Jacintha’s Fire & Rain

ja and pete KL July 2018My sister, Jacintha, came to Kuala Lumpur to perform at the KL International AV Fair.  She is a singer who has recorded eight audiophile albums for Groove Note Records.  Jacintha met audiophile journalists and fans.  She later performed three songs from her new James Taylor tribute album, Fire & Rain.

Natasha and I made it for the press conference and performance on Friday afternoon.  We found ourselves in a parallel universe!

The Audiophiles are aficionados, with a language of their own, much as horse people talk in our own jargon.  It is a different world, where the audiophiles discuss vinyl pressings, stereo systems and technology, and even dimensions such as sound holograms.  Have a read of the technical details at the bottom of this post, in italics.

It was a fascinating insight into a world where they are passionate about sound, recordings, sound technology and the process behind the finished music.

Jacintha’s voice is an audiophile favorite. In addition to a beautiful voice, magnificent interpretation and phrasing, she has a purity of sound and total voice control, making the one-take audiophile recording a genre she excels in.

Ja KL AV Fair 20180720What a performance it was.  With a minus one track played on a state of the art sound system, Jacintha sang without amplification.  It was an intimate performance made in audiophile heaven.

She has a hectic programme with a full afternoon at the AV fair yesterday and today.  I am glad she was also able to spend some time this morning with us, hanging out with her niece and nephews.

Here’s a link of how you can order the CD or Vinyl records from Acoustic Sounds or Elusive Disc.  Here is a link to Amazon too.

Here are the rest of the notes from Acoustic Sounds:

Jacintha’s first popular vocal album represents a striking change of pace from this Singaporean audiophile favorite.

Several of the best LA-based musicians associated with James Taylor during his lengthy and stellar career appear on this album: Lee Sklar (bass), Russ Kunkel (drums), Jim Cox (keyboards & currently touring with JT), and Dean Parks (acoustic guitar & currently touring with JT). All songs are arranged by Tim Pierce (Vanessa Use Me and Vanessa When The Levee Breaks) who also plays acoustic guitar on several tracks.

The entire album is recorded 100% pure analog at The Henson Studios in Hollywood, formerly know as A&M (and the original location of the Charlie Chaplin film studios). In 1999, A&M Records was sold to Universal Music. Subsequently the studio location, including all the recording studio facilities and equipment, was purchased by The Jim Henson Company. Henson Recording Studios was established in 2000 and continues the legacy of technical expertise and excellent service founded by A&M.

The album is tracked to 2-inch multitrack analog tape running at 30 ips and mixed down to 1/4 inch tape also running at 30 ips. All tracking and mixing is done at Sunset Sound by recording engineer and co-producer Michael C. Ross.

The album is mastered and all vinyl cut by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering using the 1/4 inch 30 ips master and on the all-analog cutting system at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

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