Yesterday was World Peace Day.  We had a nice Buka Puasa dinner with all the grooms and staff of Royal Selangor Polo Club.  Members joined in to celebrate Polo 4 Peace in Malaysia.  We had hoped to play a tournament for Polo 4 Peace, but the thunderstorm in the afternoon took care of that plan.

Not that I could have played.  My right quadricep continues to fill with fluid.  i had some more drained the other day and this time the fluid was pinkish, indicating it was still bleeding in there.  The doctors ultra-sounded it and the scan showed an 8.5 cm tear in the muscle.  Now they have taught me how to strap it up to help the tear to heal.  They want me to strap it for another fortnight, hoping it will help to heal it.  They say there will be internal scarring, but hopefully that is better than all this fluid sloshing around in my leg.

I had planned a comeback to riding and stick and balling over the weekend as all the inactivity is driving me half crazy.  (The concussion takes care of the other half.)  The latest set-back puts my comeback after Raya, making the National League tournament that is scheduled to start on 10 October too close for comfort.

The good news is that I continue to shed kilos with my Herbalife diet.  Usually, when I don’t ride, I put on weight.  During Ramadan I am doing only a shake a day, usually only for sahur, but I continue to lose weight.  In all, I have lost over 10 kg since March. I’ll be ready for next season!

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