Under Doctor’s Orders

Just when I thought I was on the road to recovery, the seroma in my thigh filled up again.  I had another MRI done yesterday and discovered the seroma is 30 cm long by 7.5 wide.  Pretty huge.  So today my ortho surgeon aspirated it again (my 4th aspiration in 2 months) and took out 138 ml of murky fluid.   Gigantic, really.  No wonder I couldn’t walk.

I’m back on anti-biotics as there is suspected infection, which explains the bouts of fever I’ve been getting.  And I’m flat on my back again, with strict orders to keep my leg elevated.  I guess that means if I try to ride I have to pull out my old racing saddles.

I’ve been scolded by three people already for not listening to my doctor’s orders enough.   This time I’ve promised to do my best.  If after this aspiration the seroma still doesn’t heal, I am told my option is going to be to have a drain stuck in my leg.  I’m not too keen on a monsoon in my trousers so I think I’ll do my best to stick to doctors orders.

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