QFs and Beijing

The quarter finalists for today were decided by their qualifications. The match-ups are:

  1. England vs New Zealand
  2. France vs Hong Kong
  3. South Africa vs Australia
  4. Chile vs Argentina

We bid goodbye to India, Brazil, Italy and USA.
The teams that have been eliminated have had their best horses redrawn by other teams.  The quarter finalists tried another 3 horses each that have been added to their strings.

Those to make it to the semi-finals will again get more horses for the final weekend’s matches.

The semi-finals and finals will be 4 chukka matches. Teams will each get 16 horses, which means players will each have a spare horse, plus an additional team spare.

It was decided to reduce the finals to 4 chukkas as the weather is forecast to be unseasonably warm. At 6•C. The field reacted badly and started melting, the last time it went up to 4  degrees C.

After the draw for additional horses, I joined Natasha in Beijing. She had come over on Monday and has been enjoying the tournament. She went in to Beijing early in the morning with some of the others in our group.  They visited the Forbidden City in the morning.  I joined them at lunch time in the Silk Market, which is huge shopping centre full of knock-off products.  It was the first time I had a chance to go to shopping in China.  It was quite an experience.  You had to bargain like crazy, and walk away too.  Using this tactic I managed to get my purchases down to between 10% and 25% of their starting price.

We bought Chinese iPods and a  PSP player for the kids. I managed to find a pair of Prada shoes, some trousers and tee shirts. Natasha bought some winter wear for her niece Nuralya, who is going to study medicine in Minsk, Russia.

Then it was time to go back to Tianjin for another gala dinner.  The bullet train hit 310 km/h – incredible.  The wines at the gala dinner, by Cheval Blanc and D’yquem  – awesome.

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