Saved By ONA

ONA-Elbow-Pads-Yellow-3My ONA elbow pads saved my season.  Playing club chukkas on Saturday, I took a full hit from 20 yards away to my left elbow.  Like so many elbow injuries, it was hit by a player on my own team.  We were heading towards goal, slightly right of it, and I was in front of the ball.  My concentration was on the opposing player to my right, and not the ball.  The hitter was trying to go slightly left, towards goal.  Instead, it went straight to me.

It sounded like a gunshot as it hit my elbow.   My arm buzzed like I had been electrocuted.  While I feared the worst, I still had a grip of the reins and could move my arm and fingers, so I figured I had not broken it.  After a short break, played on the rest of the chukka and through the afternoon.

If I hadn’t been wearing elbow guards, I am sure it would have been season over.  That hit would have shattered my elbow.

Amazingly, my ONA elbow pads do not seem damaged.  I cannot feel any break in the cup where the ball hit me, though my elbow is still a little sore.

Elbow pads and protective eye-wear is mandatory for under-23 players, and is highly recommended for players to wear anytime they are on a polo field.  ONA Elbow Pads are available in Malaysia and Singapore from Zack’s Tack.


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