No Sudden Death

Royal Pahang and Thai Polo were the best two teams in the RSPC Open, and they deservedly got to the final.  And what a final it was!  It was a really exciting match, made all the more exhilarating by Jimmy Hilston’s crazily wonderful commentary.

If nothing else, you have to listen to Jimmy call the last 36 seconds of normal time, from minute 31:30 of the YouTube video.  You’ve never heard anything like it!

Royal Pahang played like a four-man team, yet they could not put Thai Polo away.  The handicappers will have a job on their hands when they meet for the post season review next month.

Amran Selamat got the vote, but if Rashid Hasnan had converted one of the chances he had in sudden death, it might have been him holding the Takitos mallet for MVP.  Young Rashid had a great game.

Just a quickly as sudden death, the 13th season of the RMPA International League is over.  Thai Polo has been dominant yet again.  They have won the league easily, by 13 points, or four games in hand:

It is Thai Polo’s fourth consecutive win and 7th time in their 12 tries.  That is dominance.  It gives the handicappers headaches as RMPA does not rehandicap any players above 6 goals in our leagues.  What choices do they have left?

The season is almost over – there is only the RSPC Pink Polo, not a ladies but a mixed polo tournament next week.  Although it is not an RMPA event, I have consented to run the polo part of this tournament.  Don’t ask me why and just don’t let me regret it, please.

While my polo season here is just about over, my polo year will continue, possibly with a trip next month to the FIP World Polo Champi0nships in Sydney and longer flight to Argentina for the Open and FIP General Assembly in November.

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