Natasha and I were blessed when our daughter Asha Zulaiqa Abisheganaden made her entry into the world at 9:23 am on Thursday 2nd August 2007.

Eldest brother Zack Ali has been waiting a long time for a sister. Zaine Iskandar, who is 3 years old, seems less impressed.

Both boys were introduced to horses when they were about 6 months old. I would ride with Zack sitting in front of me before he graduated to riding in a child’s saddle on his own. I got them a little Wintec with a built-in monkey grip, and fitted my own racing stirrup leathers on with a pair of clog stirrups. Zaine didn’t ride much in front of me, possibly only twice or thrice before riding in the child’s saddle on his own. If you look at their natural seats, Zack sits quite upright, while Zaine seems to have perfected the lazy polo player’s slouch.

Zaine spends quite a lot of time running around with his yellow riding helmet on and a mini mallet in his hand. If you interrupt him he is apt to say “Sssh, I’ve just got two more chukkas to play.”

It is tempting to say Zack will be the showjumper, while Zaine will be the polo player. What will Zulaiqa be? The dressage rider?

Sometimes I wonder if it matters. I come from a family of musicians and educators but was brought up believing I could become anything I chose to become. Sure, I’d love my kids to be able to ride well and enjoy the sport as much as Natasha and I have. Therefore we’d like them to be very comfortable around horses from an early age. If they would like serious lessons in anything, be it riding, football, swimming or non-sporty lessons such as music or art, it should be out of their own interest.

I’d like to think we’d be liberal enough to accept whatever career path they chose. Only time will tell. Inshallah.

About Peter Abisheganaden

Polo Player, Tournament Director and Executive Secretary of the Royal Malaysian Polo Association. FIP Ambassador and FIP Tournament Director of FIP Snow Polo World Cup and Super Nations Cup. World Cup and Asian Games Showjumper. Champion SEA Games Showjumper and Eventer. FEI L3 Show Jumping Course Designer and L1 Course Presenter. Champion amateur jockey. Retailer and wholesaler of saddlery and polo equipment and Managing Director of Zack's Tack.
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9 Responses to Zulaiqa

  1. Zamani Azman says:

    Congrats, Mr. Pete…:)

  2. Lian See says:

    Congrats !!

    Actually I saw the Proton ad and was thinking weather it was taken sometime back but ……

    Anyway, we should all be Blessed when the children are strong and healthy.

    God Bless


  3. Fit says:

    so cute! congrats…

  4. Mich says:

    CONGRATS Pete and Natasha!!! Your family’s beautiful…all the best, and I hope to see you soon in either Sydney or KL =D

  5. iza & wani says:

    Mr Peter & Natasha, Congrats.

    She’s so lovely. We cant wait to see and hold her.(her face looks like me-iza ;) )

    Is this gonna be the last one? ;p

    May God Bless ur family.

  6. Mohd Shuaib Ishak says:

    Congratulation, Pete and Natasya. The little one will be an Endurance rider!!

  7. Jennifer Too says:

    Congrats Pete and Natasha! wow that’s fast and I didn’t even know you both were expecting! so lucky!!! what a nice trio of gorgeous looking kids! jack will have to meet them someday… he has started on a pony but still on lead rein. he LOVEs his riding boots tho… wears them to school!!!

  8. Natasha, Peter and boys, congrats on the arrival of your daughter/sister. We are very happy for all of you.

  9. Zuraidah Omar says:

    Congrats on the safe arrival of baby Zulaiqa. She looks adorable. Two boys and a girl – perfect! Methinks Zulaiqa will be the dressage rider of the family.

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