Plants vs Blogs

Plants vs Blogs

Hello, it’s me Zaine. I will talk about safety equipment to ride a polo horse.

Number 1, is to always have your socks and boots.  Why?  Because you will scrape your toes and heels if you don’t ride without them.

Number 2, is to always have your trusty helmet on the top of your head because it could lead to a very bad injury on the head if you fall off.  You can lose some brain cells so you must have a trusty helmet.

Number 3, is to have some gloves to keep off all the horse hair that will stick to your skin, so always have gloves.

Number 4, is to have chaps to keep the boots from moving around and it will keep it firmly tight.

Number 5, there is a 40% chance of your clothes getting dirty when you fall that’s why you need to wear proper riding clothes when you go on the track . And the Final Safety equipment is no spectacles on the track, so your glasses don’t get dirty.

Plants vs Blogs

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