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I am Zaine Iskandar. I am 9 years old. Every day on Thursday I go for a riding lesson at 4:30 at the Royal Selangor Polo Club’s Riding School. My brother Zack also takes riding lessons.

Horses in the riding school are a little bit different to a polo pony. For a polo pony you must have contact with your horse at all times. A polo pony likes to be outside and on the track most times. Do not walk behind the polo pony’s back or else the polo pony will kick you really hard.

In polo you must be calm or you will lose focus and make mistakes on the field with your polo pony. You never cry, laugh or lose focus or the polo pony’s will think he is free and go on field and trot all over the place.

But for a riding school pony the trot goes a little faster compared to the canter. A riding school pony is much smaller compared to a polo pony and faster.

Anyway enough about the horses – let’s speak about the real lessons.

Riding lessons are just to train children to be better and better at riding a pony. When they graduate, the children move on to the big horses. So what I am trying to do is to make some money by writing a blog called blog cloud to buy a game.  Please check out my mom’s shop Called  Zack’s Tack.

Thank you.
Zaine Iskandar Abisheganaden

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