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Hi, it’s Zaine iskandar. Today I am going to talk about the gear on the horse. The saddle is the object that you sit on when you ride a polo horse. The saddle cloth is what keeps the horse from saddle when it bounces. The girth is what keeps the saddle on the horse when it’s bouncy a lot.

The Bridle is the gear on the head of the polo horse. The reins are what you steer the polo horse with.

The stirrup is what you keep your foot in but only put in some of your foot in.  Remember to avoid losing your foot out of the stirrup by putting your heel down.

Tip 1: A horse that looks very bad could be one of your greatest horses.

Tip 2: Keep calm or you will get your polo horse angry and you will fall off your polo horse.

Tip 3: Have fun

Dusty Blog

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