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In the olden days of medieval towns, Horses were used as a form of Transportation and also used during wars. Let me explain.

Transportation was hard to get because they did not trains, planes and cars but they had bicycles and cabs which were pulled by horses. During this time, what I call the age of vehicles was when people only used bicycles to go to one place but then they saw horses and they tamed them and they used them to pull cabs.

The horses were strong animals besides bulls or cows. Transportation is done and now on to wars.  Wars were battles between two kingdoms battling over territory.  Soldiers were riding horses to battle and this was an effective method at Battle to take out more soldiers but modern wars do not use this method to take out soldiers.

Besides that it’s almost Christmas, HOHOHO.

Horses were used for police work, agriculture, entertainment and therapy.  Horses also gave milk, hide, hair, bone and pharmaceuticals. Horses are is two of a extant subspecies of Equus ferus.

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