Challenges @ the Unique Mitavite show 2018

Last weekend, the Unique Mitavite show was held at Perak Turf Club, for the second time. Teams of 4 riders for each category were drawn out of a hat and there was a lot of money on offer – no seconds or thirds. Just one winning team and an individual winner for each category. I was part of the winning team in the first show, and I was hoping to do it two times running.


Gavin was under the weather on Friday so I was given the catch ride on Stanton. I have not ridden Stanton in over a year, but I was not going to let that get in the way of things. I was elated to be able to ride him! My first ride on him was on Saturday morning in the dressage. Great dressage score! We were leading the category, with my second ride, Cavalli in close second.


On Saturday afternoon, we had to showjump, and the combined scores of the dressage and the jumping would determine the winners. Peter Abisheganaden was the course designer and for Category C (1m) and D (1.10m), he was not taking any prisoners. For that amount of prize money, it had to be earned, not merely given away!

After the Category A and B riders had gone, one of my teams (with Cavalli) were leading. The team with Stanton already had one rider eliminated.

My Category C course looked big and technical. I had to jump Stanton first before Cavalli and promptly fell off at fence 9B when he ducked out. Not his fault. I should have ridden him better! The falling off would not have hurt so much if he did not step on my foot and try to make it into a pancake. My right calf was also in agony where I had bruised myself.


So now I had to get on Cavalli and make damn sure I go clear to give my team a chance at winning. Both mentally and physically, it was one of the hardest things I have done. I am not the bravest showjumper at the best of times and having fallen off, my confidence was severely dented. It hurt to use my right leg, it hurt to land after a jump.. If I was not part of a team and a team that was in the lead, I would have probably just scratched.

But also being hugely competitive, I got on and did it. Clear round but 1 time fault! What a relief! Cavalli got yelled at a bit over the fences but that was more to give myself courage than it was for him.


Alas, it was not to be when our last rider was eliminated and our winning team hopes were extinguished! However, I won the Individual prize for my category so I was over the moon. All that mental anguish and physical agony came to fruition! It was with a great sense of achievement that I came home with, and a stronger belief in myself; to dig deep(er) as there is always more to be found.

A big thank you to Mitavite for sponsoring the event and to Sebastian who took all the great photos!

1 Mings Wanderings and Wonderings

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