Coaching at Emu Creek

As a Mitavite sponsored rider, I have to think of ways to promote the products I use and to make sure the Mitavite name is seen and associated with me… so when I was asked to do a 2 day Pony Club jumping clinic at Emu Creek, I immediately thought of how to get Mitavite involved.

Over the 2 days, I taught 13 riders, some on 2 horses. On the first day, we worked on riding related lines – on a straight line and on a curved line. I also emphasised on their position and rhythm.


On the second day, we put it all together and jumped a course of 11 fences. There were some young horses that jumped their first course that weekend and some riders that have only just gotten back into jumping after a very long break.


I was relieved that there were only 2 falls on the first day and they were fairly innocuous ones! It was amazing the difference it made to both rider and horse when they took the dressage saddle off and jumped in a jumping saddle (there had been saddle fitting issues).

Mitavite had given me some show bags to hand out, and they were gladly received by the riders. Not only were there Xtra Cool feed samples in the bags, there were also educational material and kids activity books included.



Overall I was impressed by the standard of riding. I have to say a big thank you to Joy O Keefe for the invitation. Merry Christmas, everyone and enjoy the holidays. Let’s bring on 2015!

1 Mings Wanderings and Wonderings

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