Duty of care

How often do we see something that bothers us, and even though it is not right, we stick our heads into the sand like an ostrich, and pretend we didn’t see it?  It happens too often.

As people that work with horses, especially if we are a coach / official / judge etc., we are more fortunate that we have more horse knowledge and education than some other people.  We have a duty of care towards the horse.

What is this duty of care? It is to ensure that the welfare of the horse is paramount!

This means if we see something that is not right, we need to say so. We need to advise. We can offer help. We can report it to the relevant authorities if we do not want to have the confrontation ourselves.

In June this year, in Malaysia, there will be a new Animal Welfare Act that will be put into place. This means animals will have more protection from abuse.

So the next time you see a horse that is too skinny, a horse that is being overworked, a horse that is being abused… Don’t be an ostrich. Speak up! Speak for the horse. That is our duty of care!!

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