Feeding 101

Recently I had to do a Feeding 101 presentation for Mitavite Asia as part of their internal training programme.


Feeding a horse can be very confusing. There is a lot of information out there! My job was to put information across that was comprehensive yet simple to understand. Although the Mitavite Asia staff are in the horse feed industry, I had to remember that some of them come from different departments such as Accounting and Export, and may lack some horse knowledge.

It was interesting putting together my presentation as I had to do a fair bit of research and also update myself on what is the latest science behind why we do what we do. Continuous learning is a big part of what we do as coaches and trainers. It is important to keep learning and to admit when we do not know and to find out. No one knows everything although some people may claim to disagree!

The presentation went well. I covered topics such as the horse’s digestive system, the difference between roughage and concentrate feeds, and the rules of good feeding.

It was great to be invited by Mitavite Asia to conduct this short seminar. A big thank you to Mimi Lew and her staff!

If anyone is interested in running a 2 hour seminar on the above topic for a group of people, let me know!

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