One of my best virtues would not be patience. Gav always says “When God made time, he made so much, we will never see the end of it. One thing we will always have is time” but I like to hit the ground running. However, last year and especially the last few months have been challenging.


Firstly I came back from Australia all prepared and ready with my new found knowledge to practice on Stanton, except he fell ill and almost died. So almost a whole year was spent on his rehabilitation.


(applies to anything to do with horses)

Then Puzzle, a racehorse from Singapore was sent to me for retraining. Whilst he was in quarantine, 2 horses died and they shut the whole place down. No horses in or out. He was stuck for 2 months! So now that he is out and at STC, we can carry on training right?? No, he keeps going lame. First, in the front leg (lack of shoes in quarantine) and now, in the hind leg (from kicking the wall ; a habit I think he developed in quarantine as his trainer was surprised to hear that he did that). Talk about stop start training!


At the time the quarantine was shut down, I was trying to get my own horse, Cavi in. When he did get in, I could not get him out – something about fumigation and blood test results being slow back etc so Cavi was stuck for 3 weeks, instead of 2. So now that he is out of quarantine, we can start training right??? Wrong. There is the acclimatisation to the heat, his allergic reaction to probably the sawdust, his general feeling of blahness in this humid climate… Arghhhh!!! Hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(If you act like you’ve only got 15 minutes, it will take all day. Act like you’ve got all day and it will take 15 minutes. Monty Roberts)

So my point is… my horses have been trying to teach me patience. Some days they succeed and some days, the frustration just bubbles over. However when I stop and think about it, I have learnt so much ; how to rehabilitate a horse after serious illness, how to feed a horse which has severe digestion issues, how to figure out what is affecting my horses and how to fix it, how to train my horses better, and most importantly, how to just take a deep breath and just enjoy being with my horses. We often rush around and get irritated with the horse when things are not going OUR way, but for the horse, things are probably not going his way either.

(Endless patience is required to reach perfection)

Take a break, have a Kit Kat (or a big glass of vodka!)

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