National Horse Show 2017

It is hard to believe that the National Horse Show 2017 is finally over. Weeks of stressing and then a week of long days and doing  a lot of finger crossing! But we did it!

Selangor Turf Club played host this year and had 130 visiting horses and 175 riders. There was an endurance competition, an Equestrian competition, educational seminars,  a carnival, an expo, lots of fun and games, and plenty food trucks.

IMG_20171111_164814 IMG_20171110_093049

I was extremely lucky to have a great team supporting my first effort as show director. My secretariat and stewards managed a very tight show with competitions running from 7am until 9pm or later on all 3 days. We had sun, torrential rain, 4 arenas going at one time, horses and riders everywhere! My team running the stables and the carriage and pony rides were also great! I could leave them to do their thing without much interference.  Hats off to all of them!


The storm is coming!


How to separate 2 ponies in a new stable as one is very greedy


Look who flew in to work at the show! Robyn!

Suzanne Cunningham was president of the ground jury for Dressage, and Sue ran a couple of seminars; one for coaches and one for people wanting to become dressage judges. From this, we have 9 new dressage judges that are starting their careers! Peter Abisheganaden course designed and also ran an Intro to Course Design seminar which saw again many willing and enthusiastic candidates that stayed back to gain practical experience throughout the show.


Peter and his team

I also had a successful outing with Cavalli, winning the Preliminary Championship despite some spooky moments. Cavi is only 7 years old but often only about 4 mentally! Typical male!


We had great sponsors for the show too.

The Mitavite team with the Mitavite 6 bar winners

The Mitavite team with the Mitavite 6 bar winners

The winners of the Affin Hwang Grand Prix with the sponsor representative

The winners of the Affin Hwang Grand Prix with the sponsor representative

It was an intense experience days and the adrenaline crash hit all of us much like Jimmy in the photo below… But it left us inspired and knowing we can always rise to the challenge and do so much as a team!

Jimmy is exhausted

Jimmy is exhausted

1 Mings Wanderings and Wonderings

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