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Bukit Kiara raises livery charges by 75%

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Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort has informed members of an increase in livery charges by 75% to RM2,800 per month, from October 2013. The size of the increase has stunned members with horses at the club.

In a letter to members dated 24th July 2013, Club Manager Hisham Razali stated that the “increase of the Livery Charges is inevitable as we are faced with the increase (sic) cost of operations. We have to comply with the Mininum Wages Act, the continuous increase of utility rates and the increase (sic) cost of lease rental by DBKL.

The other costs involved involved, example Horse Feed, sawdust and the waste disposal rates have all gone up in price, which so far has been absorbed by the Club, however further increases in prices cannot continue to be absorbed.”

Members were up in arms over the large increase, which had been unexpected after livery rates were raised by only 10% last year.

The rate of RM2,800 would make Bukit Kiara the most expensive livery rate of member’s clubs in the Klang Valley by over 25%.

Said one prominent businessman who owns three horses at the club, “The club is clearly giving us the finger.  They obviously want our horses out of here.”

Some members speculated on social media sites that this was a move calculated to encourage members to move their horses to alternative stables, so that the land could be developed commercially.


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